Relocation of Shibuya studio

【New studio informationis here】

Thank you for your continued support. We have important news for you so please read to the end.
This time the Shibuya culture works studio will be moved to new Shibuya studio because of closing Shidax culture works studio. We open Shibuya culture works studio until 2022/03/20 (Sun) and new Shibuya studio will be open from 2022/03/26(Sat). We will make an effort to be able to offer you better services even in the new studio so we would highly appreciate it if we could get your understanding about that.

■Relocation schedule
Shibuya culture works studio until 2022/03/20
New Shibuya studio from 2022/03/26

※Both studios will be closed on 2022/03/22 and 2022/03/23

■Details of new Shibuya studio
・It is located at near Shibuya Station.
・The studio is 2nd floor. It has big windows. You can train in good biew.
・It has large shower rooms and plenty of amenities.

■New location
New Shibuya studio is located near Shibuya station. So you can continue your training in the location that hasn't changed much.

■New time schedule
We will held classes which is like Shibuya culture works studio timetable at new Shibuya studio. Also we are thinking of increasing the number of classes depending on the usage situation.

■Special measures attendant on relocation
We make this relocation not to affect your accessibility as possible, but we imagine there are members who liked the present location. So we offer these special measures.

〈6 months/1 year prepaid〉
When accompanying this case, although it is limited for the members who attend Shibuya culture works studio most of the time, we accept the midway cancelation, freezing your membership and downgrading. Please contact us for more information.

〈Course change〉
When accompanying this case, we accept downgrading and freezing your membership for free.

〈Application period 〉

We will make notifications about the details of the way to use and so on in a while.

Please continue your favors towards us.

thank you

Krav Maga Japan Head Office