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Shibuya studio Summary

Shibuya studioShibuya studio will be open from 2022/03/26.

This studio is located at the Kamiyama forest bldg. 2nd floor. The place is near Shibuya station, the cultural center in Tokyo, with good accessibility: 8 minutes walk from Shibuya Station(a3 exit). This is also really good place for enjoying shopping and eating.

We will open 4 days a week , (Sun, Tue, Wed, Sat).

Details The Studio【2nd floor lobby】

  • Shibuya studio
  • Shibuya studio

Shibuya studioThe studio is 2nd floor. It has big windows. You can train in good biew.

The floor is covered with martial arts mats, allowing for safe
training in both standing and ground techniques.


Shibuya studio Class ScheduleKrav Maga Japan offers 60-minute classes for Krav Maga training. All classes consist mainly of three sections; warming-up stretch, combatives, and self-defense techniques, and you definitely can learn realistic self-defence techniques in each classes.

Please notice that classes which started from after 18:00 will start in 2hours in advance on public holidays.

Shibuya studio Time Table 2024/08/01~Shibuya studio Time Table

Shibuya studio Time Table 2024/03/01~7/31Shibuya studio Time Table

Address (Shibuya studio)Kamiyama forest Bldg. 2nd floor, 11-15 Kamiyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0047, Japan

By JR every line Shibuya Station (approx 10min. walk)
By Tokyo Metro every line, Shibuya Station (approx 8min. walk from the a3 exit)

First of all, please contact us

24 hour reception

"I want to see the real atmosphere" "I feel troubled by thinking the same everywhere"
For information that we do not know with only the net, please feel free to participate in tours and free trials.
There is no persistent sales. Please apply with confidence.