Ichigaya Training Center Summary

Krav Maga Ichigaya Studio, opened in March 2004, is the only training facility specialized for Krav Maga in Japan. It provides all equipment for Krav Maga training, and is located in the center of Tokyo. (5 minutes walk from Ichigaya Station.)

The design of the ichigaya studio has been complimented on by our students for its clean and fresh atmosphere with the color of red and white, which is the concept colors of Krav Maga Japan.


Inside The Center【Reception Desk】Reception Desk
All members of Krav Maga Japan check in here.

Our members usually spend their time here until the classes begin. The partition between the lounge and the training room is made of glass, so you can watch classes of various levels from here. (Visitors also watch classes from here.)

【Wall of the lounge】Wall of the lounge
The wall of the lounge has a unique design on it. Krav Maga logo and the words written by Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, are printed on the wall.

You can buy Krav Maga original T-shirts, hand wraps and gloves etc. We have various items in stock which are necessary for training.

【Training Room】Training Room
The floor is made by special mats for Krav Maga training that is also appropriate for ground fighting training.

【Locker room】Locker room
Both male and female locker rooms have washstands, lockers, and showers.


Ichigaya Training Center Class Schedule

Krav Maga Japan offers 60-minute classes for Krav Maga training. All classes consist mainly of three sections; warming-up stretch, combatives, and self-defense techniques, and we use the last five minutes of a class for cool-down or as question time to instructors after training.

The class schedule of Krav Maga Japan Ichigaya Studio is as follows. New students are required to start training from Intro classes or level 1 classes.

Please notice that will classes will start in 2hours in advance on public holidays.

Ichigaya Training Center 2024/1/1~ Time Table

Ichigaya Training Center Class Schedule

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Address (Ichigaya Training Center)

Kojimachi Shuei Bldg. B1F, 4-3-13 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan
By JR Sohbu line Ichigaya Station (approx 5-min. walk)
By Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line, Nanboku line, and Toei-Shinjuku line Ichigaya Station (approx 2-min. walk from the A3 exit)

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24 hour reception

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