Izhak Rabin Former Prime Minister of Israel (in a letter to Krav Maga founder, Imi Lichtenfeld)Former Prime Minister of Israel"The teaching of physical education and Krav Maga to IDF soldiers, commanding officers and Imi Lichtenfeld, are one and the same, representing an integral part of the IDF program. My appreciation is extended to you for your contribu- tion to the IDF."

Peter B. Cullen Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)FBI"I am most impressed with the Krav Maga training because the techniques are based on a person's natural reactions and instincts; therefore, the exercises are extremely effective and can be learned in a short period of instruction. Because Krav Maga techniques are easy to perform, I consider Krav Maga to be a unique and practical defensive tactics system ideally suited for American Law Enforcement."

Bas Rutten Former UFC Heavyweight ChampionBas Rutten"Unlike most martial arts, Krav Maga is extremely effective for the street. Krav Maga is the real thing."

J.J, Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, Elite Unit, Finnish ArmyJ.J, Hand to Hand Combat Instructor"Techniques and training of Krav Maga are exceptionally well-suitable for military, police and security forces. Methods of teaching, instructing and training all serve the purposes of creating a competent fighter. A scientific and realistic approach to problems and conflicts also easily fits into the training of determined and aggressive assault and protec-tive forces."

Rosemary Lichman, Ph.D. Psychologist"The women I know who have taken Krav Maga really enjoyed the sense of control they felt in learning how to defend themselves. The whole Krav Maga experience is a very positive one: physically, mentally and emotionally."

Oleg Taktarov UFC ChampionOleg Taktarov"It's the best style because it includes everything...tactics, weapon defenses, and it works against all types of opponents and situations. I think it's the most complete system that you can find."

Lt. Frank Salcido Commander, Special Tactics Unit, Beverly Hills Police Dept'.Beverly Hills Police Dept"Law enforcement has long been in need of a simple and effective defensive tactics system, and Krav Maga fills that need. Our instructors found the techniques easily learned and very applicable to our profession."

Deputy Lawrence Garcia Defensive Tactics Instructor, Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy"The simplicity of Krav Maga and its absolute effectiveness were startling. Perhaps most impressive was its ability to be equally effective for both males and females. Law Enforcement has long looked for a self-defense system that was easy to learn, easy to remember, required minimal practice and was effective for either sex. Well, I firmly believe that Krav Maga is that system, and I whole heartedly recommend it to my brothers and sisters of the Law Enforcement community."

Det. S. Gallegos Los Angeles P.D.Los Angeles P.D."I was very impressed. There is nothing I have ever seen that comes close to what I learned today. No one in law enforcement should go without this course."

Detective Brian Arnspiger Burbank Police Dept. - Supervisor, Training Division"Krav Maga is the best defensive tactics system to come to law enforcement in the past 20 years. It's simple, it's effective, practical and it works. It has proven to work!"

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